No matter the type or size of your event, having the space well-decorated truly enhances your guests’ enjoyment.  But HOW are you going to accomplish that?


  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you have?
    • Time prior to the event
    • Time the day of the event
    • Time after the event
  • How much quality help do you have?

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“AT” the Party

 Something To DO verses
Something to EXPERIENCE

Do you occasionally have those parties or events that you are just expected to go to?  

“IN” the Party

 It’s something you “have to DO”.  DO is preforming a task …. usually not something we generally look forward to.

However, there are some times when we are going out on the town for a big league sporting event, or a theatrical presentation,

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There are many elements to a party:  the location, food, entertainment, etc.  AND each element needs to be of good quality for a successful event.  HOWEVER, there is one element that will bring all the other elements to a level of higher perceived value.

This element is so powerful that:

  • It Creates Anticipation and Excitement Before the Party
  • It Enhances the Entertainment to be more Fun and the Food to taste Better!

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