There are many elements to a party:  the location, food, entertainment, etc.  AND each element needs to be of good quality for a successful event.  HOWEVER, there is one element that will bring all the other elements to a level of higher perceived value.

This element is so powerful that:

  • It Creates Anticipation and Excitement Before the Party
  • It Enhances the Entertainment to be more Fun and the Food to taste Better!
  • It Impacts the Emotional Feelings of your Guests to the Point that they will Socialize and Participate More
  • In my opinion, this Element is the "MAGIC" of Every Event

The #1 Element is a Theme

Yes,  you "could" have a party without a theme - But, WHY WOULD YOU?  A theme is the cohesive glue that pulls your entire event together.  It gives you direction for all the other elements.

Putting the Theme to Work for You

How to Use a Theme

Here is a list of places you can implement your theme:   

  • The Invitations                                      
  • On-line Event
  • Decorations
  • Food Selection
  • Type of Entertainment
  • Type of Music
  • Guest Participation Ideas
  • Guest Favors / Door Prizes
  • Grand Prize


Your Theme and Its Atmosphere

THEME: The particular subject matter, idea, or topic of the event

ATMOSPHERE: The ambience, the feel of the event, the feeling you want your guests to experience

While it is true that certain themes lend themselves to certain atmospheres; it is also true that you can create different atmospheres for the same theme.  Ask yourself: How do you want your guests to feel when they walk into your event space?

Some Atmosphere Examples Are:                               

  • Fun and Festive                                             
  • Dramatic and Romantic         
  • Simple and Pretty
  • Contemporary and Crisp
  • Whimsical and Playful

So when planning a party/event, pick BOTH a Theme and the Atmosphere Style you want to achieve.

Ways to Construct Your Theme for Your Desired Atmosphere

It's pretty obvious that it will be the decorating of your space which will have the largest influence over your atmosphere.  As each decoration reflects the atmosphere you desire, automatically the whole space will take on that ambiance.

COLOR has a huge impact on the atmosphere.  (LINK TO COLOR SCIENCE) The "rule-0f-thumb" is: The less number of colors, the more dramatic/romantic the space feels.  And thus the more colors you use, the more festive the space will feel.

LIGHTING is another element that has a large impact.  Low lighting gives you the romantic vibe. (Unless it's for Halloween!) Bright, distinctive lighting is more contemporary while color lighting can be very intriguing.

In Conclusion.....

A few weeks after your event, people will probably NOT remember the details of your party, BUT they will remember how they felt when they first walked in.  AND if you accomplished a successful event, they will remember and talk about the great time they had during the party with anticipation of attending your next bash!

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Author: Cheryl Rupple

After selling her 26-year Special Event Decorating Business, Cheryl started blogging to continue helping people celebrate their happiest times. Enjoying life as a Special Occasion Designer, Certified Balloon Artist, Prom Consultant, Wedding Designer/Decorator, and Small Business Coach has brought many happy times to her, those she has met on this path, and hopefully you!

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