"AT" the Party

 Something To DO verses

Something to EXPERIENCE

Do you occasionally have those parties or events that you are just expected to go to?  

"IN" the Party

 It's something you "have to DO".  DO is preforming a task .... usually not something we generally look forward to.

However, there are some times when we are going out on the town for a big league sporting event, or a theatrical presentation, and we are looking forward to the experience.  An EXPERIENCE is an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone, it moves their emotions to the point where it create memories.

So I ask you: "Do you want your guests to just mark their calendars to remind them to come to your party, like a doctor's appointment? OR Do you want them to have a mental countdown awaiting the experience they know they will have when the day arrives?

Ways to Create an Experience

So, how can you create an experience that your guests will:

  1. truly look forward to attending
  2. have a great time
  3. create great memories
  4. not want the party to end
  5. look forward to your next party

........ An Experience

Great Decor

Great Decor is the main element to a Great Event Experience.  And the key to great decor starts with defining a theme and an atmosphere. LINK<<<  It is the main element that m

Floor to Ceiling Decor -

When you incorporate decorations that include the 3 levels of sight (low: floor to table top; medium: table-top to 7 feet off the floor; high: from the ceiling down), you will automatically create decorations that surround your guests, which literally puts them IN the party.

Grouping and Elevating of Decorating Items -

The grouping and elevating of your decorative items gives them more impact.

Lighting -

Up-lighting, Back-lighting, Spot-lighting, and Specialty lighting all create a big impact.

Invoke the 5 Senses

You heighten the emotions of your guests by invoking the five human senses of Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, and Taste wherever you can within your event. This is a fool-proof way to enhance the guests experience.

Present an Element of Surprise

An element of surprise is like the "cherry-on-top" of your event.  When something totally unexpected and/or something that guests are not accustomed to, is presented at your event, it makes your event just that much more special.  Some examples are:

  1. Living Tables
  2. Living Statues
  3. Balloon Drop
  4. Exploding Balloons
  5. Pyrotechnics
  6. Confetti Cannons

Some special effects require perfect timing to acquire the best results.

..... Balloon Drop ...

In Conclusion.....

Hosting the best event possible shows respect for your guests. They gave their time, and possibly a gift , to come to your party. You owe it to them to give them the best experience possible.  You owe it to yourself to get the best results possible from the effort you've put forth.

An awesome party will be a memorable party.  Our Happiest Times are our most memorable times.  I'd love to help you create memorable times for you, your family, friends, and guests!  So for more Tips and Future Posts, please fill out the 2 boxes below and "Join the Party"!    PLUS..... as a special "Thanks" I'll send you a FREE Decorating Worksheet that identifies areas of your space for decor.

Author: Cheryl Rupple

After selling her 26-year Special Event Decorating Business, Cheryl started blogging to continue helping people celebrate their happiest times. Enjoying life as a Special Occasion Designer, Certified Balloon Artist, Prom Consultant, Wedding Designer/Decorator, and Small Business Coach has brought many happy times to her, those she has met on this path, and hopefully you!

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