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How do you celebrate your happiest times?  Are you in places with Moose or Elk heads on the wall? Or maybe where pictures of the last 75 years of union presidents are predominately displayed? Perhaps you party at home in a garage, an equipment shed, or a barn.  Do you find good ideas, only to be restricted by budget and/or time, leaving you with the reality that you will just have to settle?

Over the past 26 years, I started, operated, and sold my special events business in a small town. (Check out MEET CHERYL for the rest of the story.) With that passion still alive inside me, I started this blog with the following intentions outlined in my tag line:


This is all about helping people enjoy life more. I want to help my readers make other people feel special and celebrate special times by providing ideas and insights, consulting, free aids, e-courses, resources, and email access to me for specific challenges.


Hosting an event in a small town is just different than hosting one in the city.  Availability of everything is different.  AND the people are different.  Although I’ve done events in bigger cities, the majority of my business was in small communities and rural areas.


Challenges arise when your Time, Money, and Help are limited. I’ve dealt with these issues over and over again, to the point where I have many solutions to share with you.


It’s always my goal to make it possible for the host to enjoy the celebration and have a sense of accomplished success with all the marvelous compliments coming from the guests.


If it’s not Extraordinary, It’s Invisible – This was my business’s motto.  If what you do is not above the ordinary/expected, it will be virtually invisible to your guests.


This blog will cover all types of celebrations, from the smaller everyday Birthdays and Holidays, to the larger events like Weddings and Proms.


There is a SCIENCE to creating a successful event. It’s not “rocket science”.  If you know and understand that “science”, your ability to host the perfect party is guaranteed!


It’s always a goal to provide an experience that is talked about for years to come. I have some fun, unexpected things up-my-sleeve to share with you from years of attending special event conventions and satisfying a wide variety of clients’ special requests.


This is what transitions your guests from being AT your party to being IN your party.  Definitely a key element AND was our business specialty.

Our happiest times are when we gather with friends and family to celebrate a special occasion or a holiday. When you find yourself labeled as the “hostess”, or are in charge of coordinating these special times, you only have one chance to create a memorable experience for everyone.   So, please join me in making life more fun!


           If this type of information would benefit you, I extend my personal invitation to  "Join the Party" and allow me to help you in any capacity possible.  

Thank you for checking this out!  

Eventfully Yours,   Cheryl

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